"Food Resilience Challenge"

South West Somerset


To Eradicate Hunger in our Area

"Be Proud of What We Can  &  Will Achieve"



A Project Of New Horizons Somerset CIC

 P Daddy's was set up in 2018 and in 2019 we became a project of New Horizons Somerset CIC with the aim of providing food from around the world, using local producers, the aim was to provide food from around the world with all the ingredients sourced locally, a way to bring the community together through our shared love of good food.

Since the Pandemic, like many businesses we have been hit hard by the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic adversely.

We saw 90% of our business go down the drain.

But we are made of tougher stuff!! we decided to form a partnership with local businesses and local organisations in order to ensure nobody in our community went hungry.  During this pandemic the team  realised that food poverty is a real thing even in a lovely town like Wellington Somerset.

Food poverty, or household food insecurity is a real issue for some people and vulnerable families in Wellington and surrounding areas.

As a collaboration we have been working with other local businesses and community organisations, and the Local schools by identifying those families in receipt of free school meals and other vulnerable families. 

We have been able to provide families and Older people in the community who unable to prepare meals without support with free homecooked healthy meals.  


P Daddys Pop up Kitchen have been supporting “Tim Potters”, by providing home cooked meals free of charge, through his network of volunteers he has been delivering these meals together with meat packs and tinned food from the Somerset Food Resilience forum to the most vulnerable families in Wellington and surrounding areas, to date Tim Potter and his wonderful army of volunteers  are still delivering these meals.

 However sadly we have recently seen a spike in demand for more food packages as we head into the October half term and the festive season, these are real families in real need as a consequence the need to provide for these families has become an extremely urgent situation and we need the community to once again get together and help out .Local residents have already shown their willingness to support the vulnerable people town and we hope that this will be another example of the excellent community spirit that we have  in Wellington and surrounding areas 


We would like to thank you whole heartedly all those that have donated so far, the local businesses and the local community for this much needed project.